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Callistemon House provides accommodation in a safe and caring environment for isolated and remote students, to enable them to develop fully their academic, physical, spiritual and social potential.

Callistemon House endeavours to create, as near as practicable, a home like environment. This can be achieved if everybody acts responsibly and consciously creating an atmosphere of care and consideration towards others.

Harmony exists when everybody understands that they are obliged to respect the rights of others and fulfil their responsibilities to both the House and school.

Each member of the House is to be valued and diversity is to be celebrated and accepted.

It is reasonable to expect that each member of the House will make a genuine effort to live harmoniously with all members of the House, and treat each other with respect, kindness and compassion.


What We Do


Callistemon House was developed to ensure that children from remote areas in the Northern Territory would not be disadvantaged academically, and would be accommodated as close as possible to their families for easier communication. Our students come from as far east as Borroloola, and across to Keep River National Park in the west, south to Epenarra and Utopia, then north to Pine Creek. We have a wonderful diversity of students that reflects the richness of the Northern Territory.