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Single & Twin Engine Helicopters
About Us
Central (Qld) Aviation Pty Ltd (T/A Calibre Aviation and Webb Helicopters) was founded in Emerald, Central Queensland in 1984 and offers more than 30 years' experience in the helicopter industry.

The company has since accumulated a large amount of experience in local, interstate, remote and overseas operations, within locations such as the Central Highlands / Bowen, Galilee and Surat Basin of Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales, South Australia, PNG and Indonesia.

Operational Scope

Our scope of work is quite extensive, ranging from people and freight charter, firefighting and fire lighting, geophysical surveys, power line patrols and maintenance, gas pipeline and environmental surveys, assisting the mining and gas industries; land regeneration operations, photography and filming, feral animal management and aerial spraying.

We also offer helicopter emergency medical assistance.

Calibre can provide helicopters with a wide range of lifting capacities of up to 4500 kilograms comprising of large twin turbine engine to medium single turbine engine through to the smaller single piston engine aircraft.

Why Choose Us?

Calibre Aviation Maintenance Facility is CASA Approved and is based at Emerald. Our two full-time helicopter engineers specialize in piston helicopters. The workshop has night operating capabilities to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum delay.

Our CASA Certificate of Approval entitles us to perform all maintenance and overhaul of helicopters under 2000kg maximum take-off weight. In addition to the above approvals we are also approved to carry out maintenance on Group 19 (helicopter hydraulic flight control system) and group 20 type specific aircraft.

What We Do
Services We Offer

Twin-engine Medium Utility-transport Helicopter

Euro copter BK 117 (carrying up to 9 passengers)

Designed for the most demanding of operations and is known for its rugged construction features and multi operations capabilities boasting wide sliding doors for easy entry and exit and with good performance having a cruise speed 135 knots (250kms per hour).