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Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS 1554.3.2008 Structural steel welding - Welding of reinforcement steel (Page 14 & 15)
3.3.1 General - Requires that welds be kept to a minimum necessary in order to protect the reinforcement steels performance properties and must not result in any reduction in cross sectional area or strength.
3.3.2 Tack Welds
Requires that all tack welds have a throat thickness 0.3 times the size of the smaller bar and have a length not less than the size of the smaller bar.
3.3.3 Cross Joints
This section details size an application of cross welds for the temporary positioning of reinforcement steel during transportation and placement. These welds are assumed not to have any structural performance in the structure. Welds under 3.3.3 cannot be subjected to lifting load stresses unless capacity is assessed in relation to AS/NZS 1554.3.2008 Clause.
3.3.4. Cross
Cross - Joint welds must also have a width of more than 0.45 times the size of the smaller bar however not less than 6mm and a minimum length of not less than half the size of smaller bar or 12mm whatever is the smaller. All welds not meeting the minimum size requirements in 3.3.2 and 3.3.3 are still subject to qualification testing as defined in AS/NZS 4671 Appendix C. Welds that do not meet the minimum requirement are only suitable for in situ welding.
3.3.4 Lifting Loads
Standard which may be subjected to lifting loads stresses during manufacture/assembly, shall have their min size & location shown on drawings to meet requirements for tack welds AS/NZS 1554.3.2008 Clause 3.3.2 or Clause 3.3.3(c)(i). Welds for lifting loads also need further testing in accordance with sections 7&8 of AS/NZS 1554.3.2008 & be of a significant dimension to carry loads without failure. Lifting points for fabricated reinforcement cages to be clearly marked on the fabricated cages.
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads MRTS71 Reinforcing steel June 09
9. A) Placing and Fixing - All welding needs to comply to the requirements of AS/NZS 1554.3.2008. Have a throat dimension of not less than 4mm and have a length no smaller than the diameter of the smaller bar. Controlled hydrogen consumables must also be used in the welding process. Qualification and requalification is required for all staff undertaking tack welding on a 6 monthly basis. 9. C) Placing & Fixing - For reinforcing bars at any cross section no more than one-third can be welded.
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads MRTS71 Reinforcing Steel Technical Specification will be amended early 2011. Cagemaker will detail any significant changes on our web site




Cagemaker is a World Leader in Reinforcement Cage Fabrication Processes. Operating and manufacturing state of the art machinery in:


Delivering products from Sydney to Cairns including Central QLD.

Western Australia

Delivering products from Albany to Broome including the central west mining district.

We offer services to our customers whether it is on a local or global scale.

We aim to exceed our customer's needs by not only sustaining but also increasing customer satisfaction.

When you need world class REINFORCEMENT CAGE FABRICATION there is only one place... CAGEMAKER!

About Us

Cagemaker is an innovative Australian company that has developed a series of machines, which assemble steel reinforcement material into cages. These cages are utilized predominantly for concrete reinforcement in the civil construction industry.

Our Cagemaker Machines manufacture cages to the most versatile configurations in the world today. The Cagemaker Machines automate the process for assembling steel reinforcing material into cages and manufacture product to the highest standards possible and in the largest range of shapes to keep up with demand.

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July Winner of the 2001 Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards - Mayors Innovation Category.


State Semi Finalist for the Yellow Pages Ideas Grants Program, Which Judges the best new inventions across Australia each Year.


National Semi Finalist for the Yellow Pages Ideas Grants Program.


May Winner of the 2002 Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards - Mayors Innovation Category.


Certificate of Achievement from AusIndustry.


Accredited to the Australian Technology Showcase.


Received Grant from Australian Technology Showcase (Tradeshow Assistance Scheme).

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Our Services

Cagemaker prefabricate cages from steel supplied by the client ready for delivery to the client's site. (See the completed projects in the OVERVIEW - History page).

Prefabrication Services can also include the following:

  • Project Management
  • Material Supply Management
  • Supply Schedule Management
  • Logistics Coordination With Transport Contractor And On Site Management Team

All welding performed in the fabrication of Cages will be in accordance to the Australian Standard.

Round Cages

Up to 1500mm in diameter - 18 meters in length.

Over 1500mm and up to 3 meters in diameter - 15 meters in length.

Non Standard Cages

Round - 1500mm to 3 meters up to 12 to 15 meters in length depending on weight.

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