Cadia Valley Operations

Also known as
  • Ridgeway Gold Mine
  • Cadia East Gold Mine
  • Newcrest Mining Ltd
About Us

The discovery of copper and gold in the Cadia area dates back to 1851, with modern era exploration in the district commencing in the mid 1960s.

In 1992, the Cadia Hill gold-copper porphyry deposit was discovered by Newcrest.

The Cadia East deposit was subsequently discovered in 1994 and the deeper gold-copper mineralisation of Cadia East Underground in 1996.

The discovery hole for the Ridgeway deposit was drilled in late 1996.


CVO is an established mining operation with both underground and open pit mining operations.

The Cadia Hill open pit is in a period of care and maintenance.

Underground mining continues at the Ridgeway deposit, with block cave mining being undertaken in the Ridgeway Deeps area.

The new Cadia East mine commenced commercial production on 1 January 2013.

Cadia East will underpin production from CVO for at least the next 30 years.

Mining and ore processing

With Cadia Hill open pit on maintenance, mining is undertaken at 2 underground mines, Ridgeway & Cadia East. Crushed ore from both mines is transported to the process plant. Comprising of a crushing, grinding & flotation circuit to produce a gold rich copper concentrate. A gravity circuit recovers a proportion of the gold which is smelted to produce gold doré. An aspect of the Cadia Hill concentrator is the use of high capacity equipment to minimise capital & operating costs.

Ore from Ridgeway is processed in the Ridgeway concentrator, the major difference being the size of the facility, which is designed to treat lower volumes of higher grade ore.

Concentrates from both plants are combined & pumped as slurry to a filtration plant. Then the concentrate is de-watered & transported for export.

Economic contribution

CVO creates economic value for local communities in a number of ways, including employment, direct revenues from operations, investments in public infrastructure and services, business opportunities for local suppliers and a range of indirect economic benefits.

CVO's local community comprises the towns of Orange and surrounding region.

Newcrest purchases from local suppliers, employs local people wherever possible, and invests in the community. Newcrest's direct financial commitment to the local community includes schools and education programs, community infrastructure, disadvantaged assistance programs, health facilities

Safety and health

CVO is committed to the health and safety of its employees. CVO provides a range of education, training, counselling, prevention, and risk-control programs to assist employees, their families, and community members.

In 2011, CVO implemented a new Injury Management and Return to Work system. The new system places greater emphasis on risk prevention, communication and planning for injured employees' return to work. The program treats the prevention of occupational health and safety risks as a joint responsibility between employees and employers, and has a holistic and proactive focus.