About Us

Vision Statement

Linking people at home with the community through meaningful activities within a socially supportive environment.

Mission Statement

To provide creative, recreational and social activities for clients in an environment which is safe, welcoming, non-judgmental and culturally appropriate.


C.A.T.A provides Day Centre activity programmes for the frail aged and young people with disabilities within areas of the City of Joondalup, the City of Stirling and the City of Wanneroo. C.A.T.A. provides services for people with a wide range of disabilities and is not confined to specific disabilities.


Art and crafts


Centre-based activities



Special events


C.A.T.A.'s programmes are based in a purpose built community centre at 12 Dorchester Avenue, Warwick. Originally the Greenwood / Warwick Community Care Centre was built with joint funding from Home And Community Care (H.A.C.C.) and the City of Wanneroo. This facility is shared with other community groups, including Warwick Senior Citizens and is maintained by the City of Joondalup.

As it has been purpose built the building and its amenities are accessible to those with physical disabilities.