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About Us
About Us

H L Burn & Associates consulting engineers have been serving industry for many years in projects ranging from:

  • Assisting contractors determine the optimum way to carryout projects,
  • Assist developers with project planning, the design and supervision of various projects including marinas and mooring systems, and numerous other industrial and commercial projects

  • Determining the cause of unsafe conditions leading to accidents occurring


In recent years H L Burn & Associates has used the industrial, commercial and other expertise to:

  • Investigate and report on matters where people have suffered injury due to poor work practices
  • Review the suitability of pedestrian surfaces for compliance with Australian Standards

  • Investigate and report on injuries suffered by workers caused through the use on inadequate/inappropriate equipment
  • Evaluate the safety of building structures (e.g. stairs), pathways and pedestrian surfaces (trips, slips and falls)
  • Evaluate access ways for surface condition, lighting levels, compliance with standards
  • Investigate and review circumstances leading up to accidents


Expert Reports: Review documentation and history of incidents determining circumstances contributing to personal injury reporting the same

Pedestrian Surface Evaluation: Testing and reporting on the condition of pedestrian surfaces to relevant Australian Standards to determine whether surfaces comply with safety requirements

Work Practice Review: Review of practices in organizations, determination of whether improvements are required/possible due to technology changes and assisting organizations rewrite procedures to maximize safety in the production environment

Management Services: Assist organizations by the provision of:

  • Project management services
  • Management structure reviews