Bundanoon Sandstone Quarry

Proudly Australian Sandstone since 1850
Business Summary
Australia’s finest natural sandstone processed to perfection. Bundanoon Sandstone brings you timeless beauty and longevity thousands of years in the making.
About Us

Bundanoon Sandstone is part of Australian sandstone history. Established in 1850, we were one of the nation’s earliest sandstone enterprises. Today we are leading merchants and manufacturers taking Australian sandstone to the world. Discerning clients across Australia, US and Asia choose Bundanoon Sandstone for:

  • Ethically sourced sandstone mined, cut & dressed on-site in Australia
  • 100 per cent pure sandstone skilfully calibrated for varied building purposes 
  • Broad product range for application in almost any built environment 
  • Exceptional stone processing based on unsparing experience & quality management
Bundanoon Sandstone sources sandstone using a combination of traditional techniques and precision technology. Therefore, we work with only the highest quality genuine sandstone from the start. Our skilled team cut, shape and dress sandstone to satisfy specific construction needs. Alternatively, your bespoke requirements. That is why we are entirely confident that Bundanoon Sandstone adds enduring beauty and benefit to any project including, 
  • Building 
  • Landscaping 
  • Paving 
  • Pool surroundings 
  • Any other desired application