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As a leader in the Australian Sugar industry since 1882, we have endeavoured to provide our customers with practical sugar related information since our first website launched many years ago.

Our ever popular recipe pages are updated frequently with new tasty recipes and our education pages provide school students with all they need to know for their projects.

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About Us

Bundaberg Sugar is a grower, miller, refiner, and marketer of sugar and related products in Australia. The company is Queensland's largest cane grower and owns and operates sugar mills in Queensland.

Bundaberg Sugar participates in all levels of the raw sugar industry in the districts in which it operates.

The company's activities span the full sugar processing cycle including cane growing, milling, refining, packaging and distributing sugar products to retail, industrial and export customers.

Product Range

Australia's major retailers all boast extensive selections of Bundaberg Sugar products and many of the country's leading food manufacturers rely on our refined sugar to sweeten their brands.

Product Range

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  • Catering
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Bundaberg Sugar specialises in smaller containerised lots of White Refined and Food Grade raw sugar for export. These 20' containers can be loose stacked or palletised on non-returnable pallets.

Sizes available for export are 25kg bags for manufacturing purposes and 1kg or 2kg for the retail market. Other sizes are available on request.

The packaging for the industrial sized products are multiwalled paper bags with an inner moisture proof barrier or a polypropylene outer with a polyethylene inner. Retail White Sugar is available in paper (1kg and 2kg) or polyethylene (3kg). Retail sized Raw Sugar is available in polyethylene only.

Bundaberg Sugar currently has an agreement to market bulk raw sugar through Queensland Sugar.


Sugar is a favorite topic for research in schools. The information we've gathered together here is part of our commitment to education and community understanding of the Sugar Industry.

There's a map of the sugar growing areas of Australia and another showing the location of sugar processing mills and refineries throughout Queensland and Australia.

Who uses sugar and how? There's more to sugar than the sweet white crystals on your dinner table!

Of course, sugar doesn't just come out of the cane ready to eat.

There's a long and fascinating process which takes place to turn it from a raw material to the refined product.

There's a long and fascinating process which takes place to turn it from a raw material to the refined product.