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About Us
The Leaders in Liquid Feed

Since its establishment in 1991, Bundaberg Molasses has become the largest supplier of molasses for animal feed in Australia. Bundaberg Molasses is however, much more than a supplier. Our experience and expertise has been gained through Bundaberg Sugar's 100 year association with the Australian livestock feed market.

This, combined with the experience and expertise of our overseas affiliates, means Bundaberg Molasses has the knowledge and resources to help our customers with all facets of livestock production.

Our market leader status has been achieved through strong emphasis on customer service, technical support, innovation and new product development.

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About Us

Bundaberg Molasses continues to expand its product range to encompass other high quality, value for money feed products.

Strong market initiatives such as the availability of guaranteed year-round supply through contracts and substantial capital investment in large storage and distribution installations throughout Queensland, ensure we are at the forefront of the animal feed industry.

Through our continual product improvement, quality control, guaranteed supply and extensive customer support service, Bundaberg Molasses will continue to maintain and earn its reputation as The Leaders in Liquid Feed.

Bundaberg Molasses has a range of supplements for all types of cattle - from paddock fed, to dairy and feedlot - there is a product that will meet your individual needs.

Molasses For Beef Production

Producer experience and scientific research have shown over many years that molasses has a significant role to play in beef production. As well as being an important ingredient in many feedlot rations, molasses is very popular for drought feeding and as a carrier for protein and mineral supplements.


Metabolisable energy is critical for animal survival and production yet lack of sufficient energy is the most common deficiency suffered by animals. Molasses contains approximately 10.29 MJ of metabolisable energy (ME) per kg (as fed) making it an excellent source of dietary energy.

Molasses in Feedlots

Molasses is a staple ingredient in most feedlot rations. It is commonly included at levels around 5% though MRC (Meat Research Council) research indicates that it would be beneficial to include it at higher levels such as 15 to 25%. Molasses makes an available energy source which also improves the palatability of the ration.

The taste and smell of molasses encourage cattle to eat and because of this it is recommended especially for use in starter rations. Another benefit of using molasses is its ability to hold the fines, such as minerals and rumen modifiers stable within the ration to ensure each animal consumes the desired amount. Because of this characteristic it can also help reduce the dust in the feedlot.

Molasses For Dairy Cattle

Nutrition has the greatest influence on the productivity and profitability of dairying. Feed is also one of the most significant costs. Therefore it is important to find the most cost effective ingredients to supply the cow's requirements.

Dairy cows have a high energy requirement to maximise their milk production.

On Australian farms energy is commonly the most limiting nutrient and is largely responsible for the differences in milk production between herds. Where energy is limiting the cow will use the energy for maintenance and reproduction at the expense of milk production. Providing sufficient energy in the diet to meet all the animal's requirements is therefore of paramount importance.