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St Brigid's Chapel and Religious Education Centre

Chapel, Religious Education and Special Education classrooms with staff offices.

Bowie Hall

A multi-purpose 1,000 seat hall for assemblies, functions and performances.

Kinkead Library

Library resources, wide reading area, information laboratory, video conferencing facilities.

Romuald Visual Arts Centre

A dedicated Visual Arts Centre with senior studio, 3 classrooms, sculpture courtyard and multi-media area.

Henry Lindo Tennis Courts

A multi-purpose sports facility comprising 1 full size competition court.

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Enrollment Process

When to Apply

It is never too early to apply and it is strongly recommended that applications be lodged by the time your daughter commences Year 3.

All applications are held open on a wait list until the offer process begins. This process occurs 2 years prior to the date of commencement, that is, at the start of the calendar year your daughter is in Year 5.

It is usual that the majority of offers are extended and confirmed by the end of Term 2 of that year.

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Fees payable prior to commencement

  • Application Fee: $215 per application (non refundable). Daughters of Brigidine College alumni are not required to pay this fee
  • Enrollment Fee: $1,300 per student at the time of offer (non refundable) (sibling discounts available)

Mandatory Fees

Tuition Fee: $16,990 for Years 7-12

Maintenance Levy: $720 per family per annum

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As educators we recognize the explosion of knowledge faced by our students in a technologically driven, information rich and interconnected society.

Students now, as never before, have access to a wide range of learning media and styles.

Through interactive learning, students can master the essential skills of being able to sift material to synthesize it into meaningful pieces, to link it with other learning, to apply and extend it into other contexts and to solve problems and analyse issues.

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Term Dates for Students

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