Business Summary
We accept students from preschool to year 6. Along with maths, English and science, there is also a strong focus on a high level of values, such as respect, kindness, self-discipline and concentration. Generally, children are given homework and assessments to make sure they are on track. I work on their weaknesses first and use the Australian National Curriculum. I use many resources, as well as my own written worksheets to help give the children a deeper understanding. I encourage communication with parents, as I recognise that bringing up a child involves everyone in their life. As a reward, we have allocated separate classes with hands on activities where children can learn how to cook, take care of a vegie patch, do some wood work, sew, do science experiments, communicate on deeper levels, socially interaction, and generally help them to enjoy entertaining themselves and learning new skills, rather than just being entertained.
About Us

With 25 years’ experience, Book a Tutor is your solution to 'homework wars'. We give your child the utmost educational support to succeed in school.