Box Hill

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About Us
Family Law & All Litigation
Detailed reports with comparable sales evidence and subsequent conference of valuers in disputed situations or discret shadow valuations.
Tax Depreciation Schedules
We can provide comprehensive certified Tax Depreciation Schedules with Division 40 and Division 43 allowances. This report can also be provided for unsubstantiated deductions i/e/ where building costs and receipts for items are not available to the vendor.
Buying & Selling - Advocacy Assistance
Detailed Sellers & Buyers Valuation Reports together with Advocacy Assistance if required.
Capital Gains Tax / GST Margins Scheme
An increasingly vital taxation issue for all business and property owners with billions of dollars collectable in future years.
Division of Estates, Partnerships, Family Property Transfers
Impatial valuation advice to assist in resolution of disputes.
Insurance - Reinstatement or Replacement Value
Valuations of buildings for body corportates to ensure adequate property insurance for replacement and reinstatement.
Rental Assessments / Reviews
Rental Valuations using nearby rental evidence of similar properties prepared prior to entering into a lease or at a review date.
General Property Consulting
Our detailed valuation reports provide an analysed figure for a property together with recent comparable sales evidence and market commentary including positives as well as negatives of a particular property. We also provide accurate land and building descriptions as well as check measurements. Our services are used by renovators and builders to advice what the property is worth before and after the proposed works, as well as whether there will be an overcapitalisation.