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Business Summary
Industry partnership discussions are underway with a number of global companies.
About Us

BlastBoss Founder and Owner David Handel has always had an uncanny knack to develop clever, out of the square solutions to a wide variety of difficult challenges had by people and corporations around the world and therefore improving their way of life or the way their businesses operate. 

In his third decade as Technical and Operations Director of the Global Fine Particle Management Company Reynolds Soil Technologies, David would often listen to people during his years of global travel stalk about all the difficult challenges they were having with blasting in the mining industry.

Although this was totally outside his area of expertise or the area of business he worked in, his curiosity got the better of him and through endless nights of research and development and numerous conversations with blast industry specialist he came up with a unique blasting system that would revolutionize current day blasting methodology.

What We Do

Powder water containment barriers and gel decks are loaded into blast holes with approximately 35% less explosives to intensify and redirect the blast wave forces generated and deliver much better rock breaking results through hydraulic fracturing.