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NSW SES Blacktown Unit

Business Summary
The NSW State Emergency Service (SES) is an emergency and rescue service dedicated to assisting the community. It is made up almost entirely of volunteers, with 241 units located throughout New South Wales. The units comprise of approximately 9,000 volunteer members, who are easily identified by their distinctive orange overalls. While our major responsibilities are for flood, storm and tsunami operations, the SES also provides the majority of general rescue effort in the rural parts of the state. This includes road accident rescue, vertical rescue, bush search and rescue, evidence searches (both metropolitan and rural) and other forms of specialist rescue that may be required due to local threats. Volunteers in a number of isolated communities have been trained as Community First Responders by the Ambulance Service of New South Wales.
About Us

Blacktown City

A modern bustling City of over 47 residential suburbs, Blacktown City is home for over 300,000 people, making it the largest city by population in NSW. One in every 70 Australians call Blacktown City home.

60,000 new residents chose Blacktown City as their home in the past 10 years - a trend set to continue for the next two decades as more people discover Blacktown City offers a vibrant family lifestyle, excellent schools, and an abundance of job opportunities.

Today, Blacktown City offers an enviable combination of liveability and commercial success, boasting award-winning residential estates.

About the Council

Mayor and Councillors

Blacktown City is represented by 15 Councillors including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, who are elected every four years in the Local Government elections to represent and head the Council.

Household Waste Service

Council provides a weekly household garbage collection service and a fortnightly household recycling collection service.

Planning & Development or phone 9839 6000

Assessment and approval of development activity to achieve consistently high quality development outcomes for Blacktown City are the primary functions of the City Strategy and Development Directorate of Council.

What's on in Blacktown City

With over 300,000 residents, there is always something happening in Blacktown City.

Our highlight events are the Australia Day celebrations on The Rooty Hill every January 25 and the Blacktown City Festival, which is held the last week in May in the Blacktown CBD.

Blacktown City's Event Calendar

Animal Holding Facility

If you've lost your pet or looking for a new one, then the Blacktown City Animal Holding Facility is the place to start!

415 Flushcombe, Road Prospect (corner of Great Western Hwy) 9839 6161

You can come to the facility any day in person or search online with Council's Pets Online Service

Blacktown City Council acts as a holding facility for other Councils in the Sydney region:

  • Auburn Council
  • City of Canada Bay Council
  • Holroyd City Council
  • The Municipality of Hunters Hill
  • Lane Cove Council
  • Parramatta City Council
  • The City of Ryde