Billabongs Family Restaurant

Your place for every taste
Business Summary
Located in East Maitland, Billabongs Restaurant is a renowned family buffet restaurant known for its abundance of fresh produce and a variety of tasty cuisines.
About Us

From humble beginnings, Billabongs Restaurant Opened in March 1995 within East Maitland Bowling Club. Serving only a small number of patrons, it now has established itself as a front-runner in the family restaurant category. Over the past 2 decades, the restaurant has catered to over millions of people with memorable experiences that will never be forgotten. With a local cult following and people coming from all over the world just to experience the buffet that speaks for itself.

Remaining true to our mission, Billabongs Restaurant endeavours to provide the place for everyone's taste. The initial concept of Billabongs Restaurant was born from entrepreneurial Jimmy Po who had a vision to turn his own little restaurant into the local family restaurant, welcoming and bringing people from all over together.

Founder Jimmy Po had always had a strong sense of family beliefs and values. Family at its core has taken this business to where it is now.
We've always believed in our local community, and in return, the community believes in what we stand for and how much we care about, not just customers, but also building relationships that create greater communities. Giving back has always been our goals as a business and seeing our community thrive and grow is the ultimate satisfaction as contributing members of it.