Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research

Working for a cure
Also known as
  • Cancer Research Laboratories
About Us

The Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Laboratory is the research arm of the Medical Oncology Department at Royal North Shore Hospital. It is part of the Hormones and Cancer Division of the Kolling Institute of Medical Research which is affiliated with Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney and is a member of the Cancer Institute NSW, Sydney Vital.

We are located in the Kolling Building at Royal North Shore Hospital.

We focus on increasing understanding of cancer biology, identifying better ways to diagnose and predict how a cancer will behave, and improving cancer treatment for better outcomes for cancer patients.

Our team of medical oncologists and cancer researchers work together to fast-track discoveries into clinical practice.

The close link between our laboratory and the clinic is represented in our logo of two cancer ribbons intersecting; one ribbon representing the laboratory, and the other representing the clinic.

What We Do


Over 50% of all cancer is cured by various combinations of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Our research is aimed at improving cancer treatment for the rest.

Current Research Areas: