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About Us

Barwick's Landscape Supplies is a Tasmanian business that has over 30 years' experience in providing environmental services & the supply of landscaping material to the public and to commercial operations. Barwick's have value added forest and manufacturing residual wastes. By turning these wastes into high quality products for home use or for use in the horticulture and agriculture industries.

Our History


Barry & Jan Barwick started their business in 1977 operating under the trading name B & J Barwick transporting coal ash under contract for ANM Paper Mill (Boyer) to the mill landfill site.


In 1983 the loss of the ash contract was in hindsight a blessing with the beginning of the landscape supply business with the successful tendering for the removal & sale of Pine Bark from ANM.

This saw Barwick's also purchase Barry's fathers loam & manure business; this was the start of establishing the Barwick's name as a major landscape supplier.

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Commercial Operations

We have a multitude of products including Barks & Mulches, Soils & Mixers, Pebbles & Rock, Metals & Gravels, Sand, and Bagged Products. For a complete view of our products please Click Here

Recycling Operations

Organic Compost Barwick's recycles green waste into basic compost with nothing else added apart from water over a 12 week composting & turning period then screened to a 10mm minus product. Organic Compost is available for sale from both Granton & Mornington sites.

Composts are very beneficial for your garden:

  • Helps retain moisture in the soil
  • Cools the root zone of plants which lowers transpiration of moisture from the plant
  • Builds soil structure and adds nutrients
  • Aids micro-organisms that are beneficial to plants and soil
  • Helps prevent salinity problems by reducing evaporation
  • Introduces organic material into poor soils

Commercial Operations
1050hp CBI Magum Force 6400 Mulcher

Wood waste from construction and land-clearing, green waste, bark from sawmills and clean wood derived from construction is often recycled into mulch. It is produced by grinding material into a variety of different sizes for different applications.

From coarse-grade material for erosion control, to finer mulch for commercial or residential & at 250m per hour our 1050hp CBI mulcher is the undisputed leader.

What We Do

Barks & Mulches 

Choose from a wide selection of decorative mulch products for home gardens and commercial landscape projects alike. The colour or style of your mulch can change the entire look and feel of your garden.