About Us

Balmain is Australia's leading originator and manager of commercial property loans. Over the last 30 years Balmain has helped more than 20,000 Australians and their businesses secure finance.

Balmain originates or manages more than 40% of all commercial property loan investments made by the institutional sector in Australia.

Funds Management

Balmain Funds management currently manages over $750 million in commercial mortgage assets on behalf of close to 30,000 investors. Balmain Funds incorporates the activities of Balmain AQUA Pty Ltd and Balmain MT Pty Ltd, managing the $125 million Balmain (MMT) Mortgage Trust (formerly the Mariner Mortgage Trust) and the $180 million Balmain AQUA Income Trusts.

In partnership with Trilogy Funds Management Limited it formed Balmain Trilogy to manage the $450 million in assets of the City Pacific First Mortgage Fund, formerly City Pacific First Mortgage Trust.


Our products include: Commercial Property Finance; Business Finance; Mortgage Funds Management; Equity Funding; Alternate Financial Accommodation & more.


Balmain provides asset management services (including credit and special servicing) to numerous programmes including services to such major Australian financial institutions as NAB, AXA, Adelaide Bank, INGFM and CBA.

Last financial year Balmain settled over $3 billion in commercial mortgage loans. Balmain operates from 9 offices throughout Australia and New Zealand and has 130 staff.

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