Business Summary
Ayr Boring Company Specializes in Environmental Drilling, Domestic & Stock Bores, Irrigation Bores up to Large Diameters. Test Pumping & Pumps Sales.
About Us

History of Ayr Boring Company

The Formative Years:

  • Ayr Boring Company first started a business back in 1965 with Bevan & Treena List.
  • Ayr Boring Company has held water bore drilling license for in excess of 46 years making them one of the oldest within the water bore drilling industry in Queensland.
  • Bevan started initially with a cable drilling rig.
  • 5 years later he purchased a ‘Gemco Auger’ rig.
  • 1998 saw Bevan travel to Burma to conduct test pumping for 4 weeks. Burma was the first of many trips for work that Ayr Boring Company had undertaken. Then working throughout, Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.
  • Ayr Boring Company is well known for building their own rigs to accommodate a particular job and the job undertaken on behalf of the Toowoomba City Council is a classic example of this.
  • Initially, the Toowoomba City Council was looking at using recycled sewerage water, until a backlash from residents forced a rethink of this which resulted in Ayr Boring Co-testing and drilling for water.
  • One of the unique experiences whilst doing this job was the 10-hour water bore test pumping which incurred no waste water whatsoever’ as everything was recycled back into the system.
  • Other major successful undertakings were the Bribie & Strad broke Islands feasibility studies re the availability of additional water.
  • Ayr Boring Company has been the premium water bore drilling company within the Burdekin region with the drilling of water bores, the fitting of pumps and motors for many farmers something that continues today.