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About Us

The Australian Workers' Union is the nation's oldest and largest blue-collar trade union representing over 100,000 working men and women and their families. The AWU has a long and proud history in Victoria. In fact, our Union was established in Ballarat

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The AWU is firmly founded on the principle that we are at all times, and in all ways Stronger Together, and that every member, no matter their position, is due the same respect, attention and care from employers, fellow workers and the union.

In 2009, the ACTU Congress committed to the needs of all working Australians and their families with the following statement, to which the AWU Victorian Branch also commits.

Why Choose Us?

The AWU's job is to represent your rights at work. This includes negotiating Enterprise Agreements (EAs), making sure that you are treated fairly, ensuring that safety standards are upheld, and providing the buffer between you and the boss when things are not going smoothly.

If you are in a workplace where there is a union-negotiated EA that means others have joined the union before you and you are reaping the rewards. The Australian Bureau of Statistics found in 12 that union members earned on average 12.4% ($139) a week more than non-union members. Being part of a union is your legal right.

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