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About Us
About Us

The Australian Workers' Union is the nation's oldest and largest blue-collar trade union representing over 100,000 working men and women and their families.

Since our formation in 1886 we have a proud record of standing up for working families from all walks of life, today our members live and work in all states and territories.

The AWU employs more than 200 officials in our 45 offices to ensure that all of our members get a fair go at work.

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A union is an organisation of workers or employees who have joined together to achieve common goals. These goals can include seeking higher pay, better working conditions, fighting for job security and protecting the integrity of a trade.

A union, through its officials and delegates, bargains with the employer on behalf of members and negotiates to reach enterprise agreements with employers.

This bargaining may include the negotiation of wages, work practices, dispute procedures, recruitment, disciplinary and termination protocols, benefits, workplace safety and company policies. Enterprise agreements negotiated by the union are binding on the employer and all employees, including non-members.


The AWU has strict governance policies and structure in place to ensure that the organisation conducts its business lawfully and ethically at all times, and to protect the integrity of union funds.

We adhere to the highest standards financial management, and our accounts are formally audited by an independent accounting firm.

The AWU is a registered organisation under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.

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