Business Summary
The National Council is the supreme governing body of the RTBU.
About Us

The Rail Tram & Bus Union is one of Australia's major industry-based unions, able to cover all employees in the rail, tram and bus industries. It is organised into National Divisions, covering infrastructure (Perway), Rail Operations, Tram and Bus, Locomotive, Workshops and Administrative, Supervisory and Technical.

The RTBU was formed on 1st March 1993, through an historic amalgamation of three railway unions and one tram and bus union. The RTBU is the workers response to a decade of massive change in public transport, often motivated by anti-union and privatisation ideology.

The RTBU works to promote public transport as an essential element in a fair and environmentally-sustainable Australian Society, and to promote the interests of public transport workers as a key to achieving that goal.

The RTBU is affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and the Australian Labor Party (ALP).

What We Do
  • Your union now provides to all our financial members the best member benefits ever provided.
  • Group journey - covering a member to and from work.
  • Covering our members directly to and from work (Workers compensation does not cover you for this).
  • Benefits are your average weekly wage over the past 90 days or $1,200 whichever is lesser plus $5,000 funeral benefit in case of death.
  • Basic exclusion: Suicide.
  • Emergency transport -- to and from hospital for members and their immediate family.
  • Ambulance emergency transport scheme - Covering the cost of an Ambulance or emergency transport to the hospital or your choice in the event of an accident or illness.