Australian Meat Industry Superannuation Trust (AMIST)

Your Meat Industry Fund
Also known as
  • Meat Industry Super Trust
  • Meat Industry Superannuation Trust
Business Summary
For more than 30 years, AMIST Super has been helping people who work in the Australian meat industry to grow their super and plan for their retirement. But today, anyone can join. Find out why our members choose to stay with AMIST Super—even when they leave the meat industry. It’s because we care. We also have people on the ground talking to members at their worksites. We offer a personal service. And, there are no shareholders making a profit. All the money in the Fund belongs to its members.
About Us

*** Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update ***
  • Investment Update Due to the news headlines and market volatility caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have a brief update for you on AMIST Super's investment portfolio. Download the update.
  • Are you thinking of switching your investment? Please talk to the AMIST Super team before deciding. Switching investments at the wrong time may cost you real money. Find out more.

Why choose AMIST Super?

There are many good reasons to choose AMIST Super other than our strong returns and competitive fees. We make dealing with AMIST Super easy and we're always proud to offer and improve on features and benefits for our members.

  • Industry Fund Profit-for-members; no commissions paid
  • Portable Anyone can join and take us with them no matter where they work
  • Insurance Members can opt in to have low-cost Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) Cover and Income Protection Cover. Members 25 years of age or older will automatically receive insurance cover when their account balance reaches $6000.  Insurance cover is not compulsory though so you can opt out any time.
  • Telephone Advice Basic financial planning advice for members, at no extra cost!
  • Online Access View your account details online with our MemberAccess facility.
  • Low Cost Administration $1.70 pw+ 0.07% p.a. of your account balance#
  • Low Investment Fee 0.05% – 0.62% of your account balance# depending
  • Investment Choice Choose from 5 options or a mix to suit you – plus we provide a low cost default option, AMIST MySuper
  • Pension Option Receive payment of your super as an income stream:
  • 1. Regular pension payments are not taxed from age 60 onwards
  • 2. Income earned on your pension balance is not taxed once you have met a condition of release (e.g. permanently retired from the workforce or after reaching age 65 years). 
The AMIST Super Personal Division is open to anyone irrespective of their employment. #Only the $1.70 per week fee is deducted directly from member accounts. All other fees are taken into account when declaring earning rates which are net of fees and taxes.
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Notable Achievements
SuperRatings Gold 2018: Pensions
SuperRatings Gold 2018: Choice Super
Canstar - Outstanding Value: Account Based Pensions