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About Us

From Plate to Paddock

We are committed to an ethical and sustainable business partnership with our producers, suppliers and customers. Our goal remains to achieve world's best practice in environmental sustainability, animal welfare, beef production, meat processing, employee health, safety and wellbeing and customer satisfaction by striving for continuous improvement.

Australian Country Choice has a recognised commitment to excellence.

We enjoy the current industry rankings:

  • top 5 privately owned companies in Queensland
  • top 8 meat processors nationally (volume)
  • top 8 meat value-adders nationally (volume)
  • top 10 beef lot feeders nationally (turnoff heads)
  • top 10 cattle herd holders
  • top 20 private land holders


Our central processing facility at Cannon Hill brings the production of the company's beef products under one roof & management system to provide:

  • 'Best Practice' process design & engineering
  • 'State of Art' technologies & equipment
  • 'International/National certifications & accreditations
  • 'Integrated' information management solutions & systems
  • 'NATA certified laboratory product testing/validation

Young Beef (No added hormones)

  • Chilled or Frozen *YP/YG* Beef Primals
  • Chilled or Frozen *YP/YG* Beef trimmings

Product Packaging formats

  • Vacuum Pack Product
  • Thermoform Pack Product
  • Vacuum skin packaged product
  • Bulk Pack Carton Product
  • Bulk Bin Product


Prime Cattle

The strategic direction of the Australian Country Choice livestock supply chain is to develop and maintain a transparent and sustainable livestock supply chain with traceability and integrity.

The program seeks to identify and establish key supplier alliances direct with Beef producers across the Coles northern footprint on the eastern seaboard of Australia.

The current ACC livestock procurement strategy adopts the principles of the I.M.O

Livestock Supply System where;

Inner Circle - Dedicated Producer (ACC)

Middle Circle - Alliance Producer

Outer Circle - Market Producer


Why work at ACC?

Australian Country Choice provides outstanding opportunities to build a rewarding career in livestock production and meat processing. In 2011, ACC was awarded the Monash University-NAB Employer of Choice award.

We are one of the largest vertically integrated supply chain organisations in the world, with our business dedicated to the best practice supply of high quality meat products. Since 1974, we have supplied exclusively to Coles Supermarkets and their export & external customers.


Australian Country Choice is committed to its environmental charter. Our vision is to conduct company-wide operations in accordance with defined best industry practice. These practices are underpinned by certified International Standards for Environmental Management (ISO 14001).

Our company has deployed a number of business tools including Environmental Management Systems (EMS), cleaner production methods and environmental 'footprint' evaluation mechanisms. These systems bridge our internal supply chain including property, feedlot and factory operations.