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Business Summary
At the heart of every Australian community, our people are a regular presence to rely on. We've always looked for ways to link communities together and listen to what matters to them. We’ll always be there for Australians in need.
About Us

Our sites range from Post Offices, to mail processing sites and warehouses, to offices and call centres.

Of our total portfolio of owned properties, 73 are classified as heritage properties and are included in the Commonwealth Heritage List. These buildings date from the Colonial era, through post-Federation to post-WWII structures.

All of these buildings have social worth in heritage terms, as they are valued by their local communities for the services they have provided in the past, as well as for their appearance and architectural qualities.

Changing technologies have resulted in changes to the layout and design of our buildings. In the late 1800s the introduction of telegraph offices led to extensions and alterations to many buildings. Similarly, changes in mail handling in the 1900s led to alterations to post offices and construction of new dedicated mail distribution facilities. More recently, we have opened shops in major shopping centres and constructed new large-format retail stores.

As a result of these trends many of our heritage properties are no longer suitable for use for postal services but are let out on commercial terms to external businesses and organisations.

In 2010, following a comprehensive assessment, the Chairman of the Australian Heritage council congratulated us on our exemplary management of the extensive heritage assets, and stated that Australia Post had established a benchmark in identifying these heritage assets.

In the 5 years to June 2013, we will invest $10 million nationally on our heritage portfolio, to provide specialist painting, maintenance and preservation works. Many of these buildings are adapted for reuse for the benefit of the local community.  

How can I find a missing parcel or letter?
If your item hasn't been delivered as expected and you’re concerned it’s missing or lost, you can check our delivery times to see when it should be received: view domestic delivery times view international delivery times If this time has passed, please visit missing mail items for other things you can check and how to submit an enquiry.
When tracking my item, what does 'in transit mean'?
The tracking status 'in transit' means that your item is on its way to be delivered. It has been lodged by the sender and processed by us and is on its way to its destination. It hasn’t been delivered yet. After 'in transit', the next tracking term you should see will be 'delivered' or 'awaiting collection'.
When tracking my item, what does 'product not trackable', or 'item can't be tracked' mean?
The tracking status 'product not trackable' - or the message, ‘sorry, this item can’t be tracked’ - might be shown for items sent using one of our international services that doesn’t come with tracking as a standard feature. These include: Registered Post International • International Economy (Air and Sea) • No track events will be shown for these items. However, if the item was sent using Registered Post International, a signature will be obtained when the item is delivered.