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Also known as
  • Asbestos Disease Support Society; ADSS
Business Summary
Asbestos Diseases Advice And Information
About Us

The Asbestos Disease Support Society is a member based, charitable organisation that provides telephone support to asbestos related disease sufferers, their family and carers. We are a company limited by guarantee with a Board of Directors. We are registered with the Australian Not-for-Profit Commission and donations to us are tax deductible. Support Services

ADSS is a not-for-profit Charity registered with the ACNC. We also have deductible gift recipient status whereby donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.

What We Do

The Asbestos Disease Support Society (ADSS) aims to create acommunity where we all work together to:

  • support sufferers of an asbestos relateddisease, their family or carers; and
  • prevent asbestos exposure in the workplace andcommunity.
  • Lobby for improvements on asbestos relatedmatters
  • Work with the health community to aid in betterunderstanding of asbestos related disease
  • Where possible fund research into asbestosrelated diseases

Our ethos to assist sufferers to remain at home for as long as possible and as independent as possible even within the health care environment.

People and Organisations pay a fee to join ADSS to show their commitment to the community and assist us in lobbying activities for improvements for sufferers or for protections against asbestos exposure.

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