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About Us
Rotating Machinery

Our fully equipped workshop provides services in the rewinding, repair and overhaul of electrical rotating machinery from AC 240 volt, 0.18kw up to flameproof and DC motor/generators. Our workshop is accredited to ISO 9001 and is audited by an independent authority on a regular basis to provide a high standard of service. Our workshop is also accredited to AS3800 Standard.

Our workshop can also provide machining services, laser alignment, vibration analysis and electrically load testing.

Arrow Electrical Services can provide a full motor rewind, overhaul, new sales and service from 250 watt, single phase up to 400kw, 3.3kv.

  • Fully trained staff to overhaul and test your motors.
  • Electrically load tested.

24 hour service, seven days a week

Electrical Contracting

Our electrical contracting/service department provides a 24 hour breakdown and maintenance service. Its primary concern is to provide electrical service expertise to our clients through our fully qualified electrical service technicians.


  • On-site maintenance and 24-hour breakdown service.
  • Testing and tagging of equipment on site and electrical maintenance audits

  • On-site maintenance and 24-hour breakdown service.
  • Testing and tagging of equipment on site and electrical maintenance audits
  • Switchboard/panel assembly, maintenance, manufacturing and management
  • Motor/variable speed drives assembly and installations.
  • High voltage maintenance and control.
  • Hazardous area maintenance
  • Schematics and auto CAD electrical designs
  • Hourly hire of service electricians

Variable Speed Drives
  • An adjustable Frequency AC drive system consists of an ordinary 3 phase motor, adjustable drive & operator controls.
  • An adjustable frequency AC Drive system controls the speed of the AC motor by controlling the frequency of the power supplied to the motor.

  • Variable speed drives have solved this problem by providing you with a DC System performance from a standard, low maintenance AC motor.
  • Full range of variable speed drives from 0.4kW, 240 volt, up to 350kW, 415 volt.

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Mining Services

Our Mining Services provides an extensive range of specialties both on site and in our Wollongong workshop. The workshop is certified through the Mines Department of NSW and all personnel have up to date training as per the Coal Mines Regulation. Our experience in this area has lead to work being carried out in mines along the south coast as well as in the western districts.


  • On-site C1 inspections on all flameproof equipment.
  • Code A, B and C Machine maintenance.
  • Full electrical overhauls on all flameproof machinery including hazardous area.
  • Mines Department of NSW approved workshop and personnel.
  • Manufacturer and upgrading of pressed metal starters and control panels.
  • Hourly Hire of Electrical and Fitter Personnel.

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  • Arrow Electrical Services can provide full power tool repairs in our workshop.
  • Fully trained staff to overhaul and test your tools.
  • Sales and service agents for all listed brands.
  • Hold extensive range of spare parts and accessories.
  • Also hold an extensive range of new power tools in all brands.
  • New Motor, Pumps, Generator sales & service.

Arrow Electrical Services is sales and service agents for the following brands:

Power Tools:

Atlas Copco, AEG, Bosch, Fein, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee, Ryobi (service agent only).


CMG, FASCO, Leroy Somer,Teco, Toshiba, WEG.

Submersible Pumps:

Davey, EBARA, FLYGT, KSB, Ajax, Mono.


Advance Power, Dunlite, Powerlite, Welling & Crossley.