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More than just seafood.

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Business Summary
Wholesale: Fish, Seafood, Frozen Food Fingerfood, Baked Goods, Chilled Foods
About Us

As the fresh fish and seafood industry continues to grow, the quality and availability of supply depends on superior wholesale seafood suppliers. Aquanas is a leading, high quality wholesaler and retailer of fresh fish, seafood, frozen goods, dry goods and finger foods. The Melbourne seafood industry has used Aquanas as a benchmark for over 50 years.

Aquanas fresh fish wholesalers provide:

  • Fresh fish
  • Bakery goods
  • Seafood
  • Fresh foods
  • Chilled Foods
  • Frozen foods
  • Dry goods
  • Finger foods


Aquanas wholesale seafood suppliers offer an extensive range of bakery goods, fresh fish, fresh seafood, fresh foods, frozen goods, dry goods and even finger foods.

Our core business is fresh fish and seafood. Our staffs are highly skilled in portion control on a varietal species. Aquanas produces premium cuts in fillets, centre cuts, cutlets and trimmed whole fish.

Aquanas has the freshest whole fish, fillets, cutlets and shellfish, as well as a variety of other fresh, frozen and dry foods that are of superior quality

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Retail Shop

Expert fish mongers and owners John and Peter, have a knack for offering the tastiest chips and freshest seafood, enticing customers from near and far. Customers visit Aqua Fresh Fish and Chippery to enjoy a meal on the premises or to source fresh fish and seafood for their home creations.

Aqua Fresh Fish and Chippery staffs are on hand to make suggestions, give advice and share recipes to inspire their customers to create mouth-watering dishes at home. The user-friendly store takes the worry and guess work out of cooking seafood. The Aqua Fresh Fish and Chippery shows customers how delicious seafood ingredients can be a part of everyday cooking.

Wholesale Awards

As leading wholesale seafood suppliers; Aquanas have received numerous awards through Jim Anassis' involvement and contributions to the culinary guilds. This demonstrates his passion and dedication to the fresh fish and seafood industry.

Some of the awards received over the years include:

  • Les Toques Blanche The Chaine des Rotisseurs
  • Masters of Australian Food and Wine
  • Thierry Marx Apprentice Competition
  • The Bocuse D'or competition
  • Culinary Pro-Am competition in conjunction with the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
  • The Koala Foundation Million Dollar Lunch whose mission is the caring of kids with cancer
  • Shared Tables


As one of the Melbourne Seafood Industry's leading seafood suppliers, Aquanas offers more than fresh fish and seafood. Aquanas have an efficient wholesale business and a retail outlet providing fresh fish and seafood to both wholesale and retail customers. The company also offers training and seminars for sharing culinary skills as well as other useful services such as portion control.

Wholesale Distribution

Aquanas have the ability to take orders 24 hours a day.


Aquanas supply fresh fish and seafood directly to the public through their Aqua Fresh Fish and Chippery store.

Training and seminars

As one of their additional services, Aquanas offers education for apprentice chefs and other industry stakeholders

Portion Control

Aquanas also offers portion control