About Us

The "Antique Bed Specialists" beautifully restored original antique beds have become centrepieces in thousands of homes since its humble beginnings in 1980.

Each bed is painstakingly restored by master craftsman Bruce Edwards, who spends many hours bringing each bed back to its former glory.

Federation Beds & Victorian Beds as a speciality for the business

Thirty-one years on Bruce and Roslyn have an Impressive collection of over Four hundred unrestored antique beds, allowing customers to choose the style, size and colour of their antique bed.

With over 30 Years' Experience and 3500 restorations and repairs we have supplied our antique beds to many Bed & Breakfasts and Boutique Hotels.

About Our Restored Antique Beds

Our antique beds are fully restored and repaired keeping the originality, appearance and quality in mind all our restorations include the side rails ground to fit correctly and the bed is straightened and squared.

Our antique beds are fitted with a one-piece slat base made specifically for that bed or a pair of bases for our king size beds.

When we restore our iron and cast iron antique beds we strip the beds, do all the necessary repairs and adjustments as required, have them sandblasted and powder coated or we prime them and paint them in quality enamel to order if is our customers preference, the bed is then completely reassembled and finished ready for delivery.


Add charm and character to your bedroom with a fully restored Genuine Antique Bed.

  • Whether you are an antique furniture collector, home maker, parent or part of an exclusive resort, B & B, boutique or period hotel wanting an Genuine Antique Bed or Beds we have the perfect Bed for you.
  • We deliver and set up most of our Genuine Antique Beds
  • Because our Genuine Antique Beds are complete with a slat base and extra support bar for all our Queen size Antique Beds and King size Antique Beds
  • The wonderful reactions from our customers, reinforcing our result for quality and authenticity to both our customer and ourselves.
  • All our restorations are supplied with a "Certificate of Authenticity" and a unique "number plaque" attached.
Antique Bed Restoration

If you already own an antique bed and wish to have it fully restored, extended or repaired to bring it back to its former glory we can do it for you. We can restore a range of beds including brass, cast iron and timber.

Restore your family heirloom antique bed for future generations to enjoy. Keeping it in very good condition guarantees it long life.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, if for instance your family Heirloom antique bed is damaged or missing pieces don't think it is beyond restoration with 32 years' experience repairing and collecting antique beds and the associated pieces we can proudly bring these pieces of history back to be the family treasure to be admired for the future.

Understored Bed Restoration

When a customer comes to the Packing House and the style, size or colour of the antique bed they desire is not on the showroom floor customers may then after seeing the finished product we have for selection make an appointment to choose and order from our vast collection of unrestored antique iron and brass, timber, federation, and wooden beds that we have in stock.

By choosing from the unrestored range of antique beds, the customer is able to select the size style colour and any other feature or requirement they may wish to have with their fully restored antique bed.

All our antique beds are supplied with fitted side rails, slat bases, a Certificate of Authenticity and a unique number plaque attached.