About Us

Amore Coffee with Passion is a 100% Australian owned and operated company. 

We have been roasting and distributing coffee & tea for more than 20 years with our coffee available throughout Australia, Asia and the South Pacific. .

Amore Coffee With Passion is an innovative company. We lead the way with a state of the art commercial roasting plant incorporating liquoring rooms & training facilities that are second to none.

Great coffee just doesn't happen by itself, but with over 30 years experience in the coffee industry, we have it down to a science.

We source the best green beans from all the finest coffee regions such as Brazil, Columbia and New Guinea. We also source organic & rainforest alliance beans.

Amore produces beautiful boutique blends, enough to impress the most refined palate.


Deliveries occur weekly to ensure that you are receiving your coffee beans at their absolute best. We deliver all our products personally in the region. This has added advantage of being able to see one of the team every week to discuss any issues so we can get right on to them.


Over the years, we have tested and experienced a vast number of Espresso Machines and Grinders, and only recommend quality equipment. We have access to equipment to suit all budgets and sizes and will work with you to ensure that you have the right type of equipment for your establishment, whilst still allowing for the growth of your business.

Training & Technical Support

Our highly qualified Barista's provide complimentary ongoing training & support to all Amore Customers. You will learn a wide range of skills including, espresso machine maintenance, grinder settings, creative coffee making as well as the art of making the perfect coffee.

Should you encounter technical difficulties with your espresso machine or grinder, our certified technicians provide prompt professional service.