About Us
About Us

Pioneers of Intelligent Transport Management Solutions - Partnering with You

As one of the pioneers of transport management consulting in Australia, AFS continues to lead the way in the provision of intelligent transport and supply chain solutions that aim to minimise long term impacts brought about by increasing freight costs, inefficient internal freight and supply chain processes,

and the uncertain economic times in which businesses must operate.

People with Credibility - Partnering with You

AFS brings an extraordinary depth of knowledge, expertise and experience to the freight management process.

Freight Management Consulting

AFS Freight Management Consulting Services

Full end to end, transport management solutions

Our personalised, end to end freight management solutions aim to minimise long term impacts brought about by increasing freight costs, inefficient internal supply chain processes and uncertain economic times.

Flexible and Holistic Freight Management Model

We utilise a unique and flexible model of freight management consultancy to empower you to maximize your return on investment and drive profits to your bottom line.

AFS FreightLink

AFS FreightLink is our specialised and custom-designed freight management solution designed to support multi-carrier requirements and freight accounts in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

A fully integrated software solution, AFS FreightLink is tailored to meet the unique requirements of any business.

AFS will actively collaborate with clients to ensure that AFS FreightLink provides solutions for control, management and growth. AFS will also actively explore user ideas and initiatives, and implement as appropriate.

Cost Analysis Services

Is it possible to do better?


If you haven't set time aside to really scrutinise your freight costs, carrier surcharges and shipment routes, then you risk paying too much and cutting into your profits.

It is well known that freight costs, fuel surcharges and inefficient shipment routes can significantly reduce your margins,

which is why many businesses have turned to us to know where they really stand, and to leverage our long-standing carrier connections for greater buying power and sustainable cost savings.

AFS Benchmarking services include:

  • Cost Analysis
  • Cost Modelling
  • Supply Chain Review
  • Process Improvement
  • Speed to market
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Reporting & Billing Services

Knowledge is Power.

Controlling your freight costs is vital.

One of the biggest concerns plaguing business today is the inability to generate information that helps measure performance against a range of key performance indicators specific to the freight management and supply chain.

Our Reporting and Billing service includes dedicated KPI and Financial Reports that provide accurate and timely information on your freight costs and performance, giving you more strength and power. It also includes invoice vetting and consolidation - so that you receive a single but accurate invoice.