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Transfer of Land, Section 32 Statement Private contract of sale, Title Insurance
About Us
About Us

What is a Conveyancer? A Conveyancer is a person, other than a current legal practitioner, who carries on a business in the course of which Conveyancing work is carried out directly or indirectly for a fee.

Experience: Sheree Hensgen is a licensed Conveyancer who has over 29 years of experience and together with her support staff of five employees their combined experience totals over 100 years. You can be confident in the ability and knowledge of the Allstate Conveyancing team.

Services We Offer

Home Sellers - If you are a Vendor the statutory requirements are that a Section 32 Statement is prepared in anticipation of selling your property. Contact Allstate Conveyancing for all your Section 32 requirements.

Home Buyers - If you are a Purchaser it is important that prior to signing a Contract of Sale you obtain all necessary information regarding purchasing a property. Alternatively, if you have already signed the Contract you should seek advice during what is known as the 3 day "cooling" off period.

Why Choose Us?

Stewart Title Limited Insurance

When buying a property there are many inherent risks which may cause you loss or affect your ownership.

Title insurance is a specialised type of insurance which provides protection to home buyers and existing home owners of residential property against certain unknown and hidden risks which may exist at the time of purchase.

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