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4.02 Lvl 4/ 151 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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Our claims team will maintain one-to-one contact to make things as easy as possible.
About Us

Protecting Home and Property Buyers since 2003

ALI Group is a leading provider of loan and mortgage protection to Australian home and property buyers.

Since 2003 we've protected more than 183,000 Australians with almost $50 billion in cover (current as at May 2018).

ALI Group and Mortgage Brokers

We have a close affiliation with the mortgage broking industry - and almost 4,500 brokers nationwide are authorised to offer our products.

Banks and non-bank lenders protect themselves with Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance (LMI). We want to make sure the clients of mortgage brokers have that same opportunity to protect themselves.
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What We Do

Loan Protection Plan

An ALI Group Loan Protection Plan pays in the event of involuntary unemployment, serious illness or injury and death. Unlike many other plans, it pays you (or your family), not your lender. So you can use it to cover your mortgage or whatever other expenses you have.

Just as important, our plans are flexible, don't require any medicals and cover all types of employment.