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Road Base

Modern construction projects demand quality materials, reliable delivery and must demonstrate environmental leadership. To meet these demands construction companies turn to Alex Fraser. The Alex Fraser Group has 20 years experience in producing and delivering high quality materials to a range of large civil construction projects.

In Victoria & Queensland, most major freeway, civil construction & municipal projects use Alex Fraser recycled materials for their excellent performance & quality characteristics. We understand that delivering quality, durable products is crucial for each & every project. That is why our products are made to stringent specifications including VicRoads & are tested in NATA accredited laboratories.


Good quality sand is becoming harder to source. Alex Fraser recycled sand is manufactured from inert recycled glass material recovered from the glass recycling process. This is processed into a consistent material which can be used in a range of applications as a competitive replacement for traditional quarried sand.

Recycled sand has been used for several years as a direct replacement for sand. It is used in asphalt to VicRoads specifications Section 407 and more recently into road base, drainage and pipe bedding, A2/A6 Granular Filter material, bridge transfer platforms and RE Wall Fill applications.


Alex Fraser Asphalt has over 10 years experience in producing, testing and laying asphalt. With a new modern 200 tonne an hour drum mix plant that has been modified to minimise emissions, the Company has developed a range of standard and environmentally friendly products that comply with VicRoads specifications.

The production facility also has a 300 tonne hot storage bin commissioned to cater for larger project work. Alex Fraser Asphalt has a new and innovative paving crew and equipment which can compete on either large or small project work. The Company has a strong focus on safety, environment and quality and has a third party management systems certified by the CCF.

Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling

Alex Fraser's RecycleBin service is a new best practice recycling initiative that re-directs waste construction and demolition materials at the source. It allows construction contractors to efficiently handle their mixed waste materials on site, offering savings in cost and time, as well as dramatically enhancing recycling targets.

On-site, or source separation, is the most cost-effective method of sorting recyclables being produced from a construction site. However, due to space requirements and other on-site work practices, this is quite often not possible.

Sales & Advice

For sales and advice, please contact us on 136 135, or via email at sales@alexfraser.com.au.