AlburyCity Council - Glenecho Community Centre

Also known as
  • Albury Entertainment Centre
  • Albury LibraryMuseum
  • Community Wood Fired Oven
  • Animal Management Facility (Pound)
  • Waterview Laboratory
  • North Albury Out of School Hours
  • Murray Art Museum Albury
  • Albury Waste Management Centre
  • Albury Swim Centre
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Cemeteries and Crematoria
  • Lavington Library
  • Lauren Jackson Sports Centre
  • Lavington Swim Centre
  • Wonga Wetlands
  • Airport - Albury
  • Albury Out of School Hours
  • Banjora Children's Centre
  • St Pats Out of School Hours

Neighbourhood & Community Centres

Glenecho Community Centre

Business Summary
AlburyCity - vibrant, rewarding and community focused.
About Us

AlburyCity is a diverse organisation responsible for delivering a comprehensive range of services to support and improve the lives of our 50,000 residents.

Our priorities are to be progressive, proactive and, most importantly of all, a pleasure to deal with.

Council is committed to building and maintaining the city's commercial, social, cultural, educational, environmental and residential interests.

Our task is to understand and balance these interests while observing our community vision.

How long before my flight do I have to be at the Airport?
Generally, you need to be there 45 minutes prior to departure.
Where is the Crematorium?
The Glenmorus Cemetery is located at 54 Glenmorus Street Glenroy (Western End of Union Road).
What will my children do while in care?
Your children will be spoiled for choice with the many fun activities and excursions offered by Albury Family Day Care.
Can I come into Council to register my cat or dog?
Yes, we’ll be more than happy to assist. Once your cat or dog has been microchipped, you then need to lifetime register it by 6 months of age. Your pet also needs to wear a collar and an identification tag.
What sporting groups do I have access to in the Albury area?
To find a sporting group or recreational activity that interests you, please visit our Community Guide.
Where is the Albury Visitor Information Centre located?
The Albury Visitor Information Centre (VIC) is located in the historic Albury Railway Station precinct (Railway Place, Cnr Smollett and Young Streets).
Notable Achievements
AlburyCity Has Won the Employer of Choice Award
Council Awards for Airport Construction Contract
2016 Regional Tourism Awards for Albury's Visitor Information Centre
Payment Methods
Direct Debit