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The City of Albany, located 409km south of WA’s capital city, is the hub of a 40,000 square kilometre region known as the Great Southern.

The City of Albany is home to approximately 36,000 residents, who enjoy a superb natural environment with a high level of community services and infrastructure, including excellent health care, ...

a new entertainment centre, a well-resourced library, tertiary education, expanding leisure and aquatic centre, well-maintained sports grounds and a host of opportunities for healthy and rewarding lifestyles.

It is a City on the move with strong residential growth and a range of industrial development prospects in mining, energy, agriculture and retail development.

Your Council

How local government works in Albany

A popularly elected Mayor presiding over a 12-member Council heads the City of Albany. The Mayor and Councillors serve four-year terms. Local government elections are held on a two-year cycle, with half of the Councillors facing one election, and the Mayor and remaining Councillors facing election two years later.

The next ordinary local government election will be held in 2013.

Like many local governments, the City of Albany has a ward system. The City is divided into six wards, each represented by two Councillors. The wards are Breaksea, Frederickstown, Kalgan, Vancouver, West and Yakamia. Follow the link here to see Councillor profiles.


For a thriving, healthy, learning City

The City of Albany provides a range of services to develop and enhance the local community.

Listed below are some of our community services and attractions, visit our website for more information.

  • Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre
  • Albany Public Library
  • Albany Regional Airport
  • Albany Regional Day Care Centre
  • Albany Town Hall
  • Albany Visitor Centre
  • Former HMAS Perth Dive Wreck
  • Princess Royal Fortress
  • Skywest Discounts
  • Vancouver Arts Centre

About Albany

Western Australia's premier regional city

Albany residents look out on some of the world's most beautiful and naturally protected waterways, Princess Royal Harbour and King George Sound. Stunning harbour views from Mt Melville and Mr Clarence are often enhanced by dolphins, seals and, between July and October, humpback and southern right whales.


For thousands of years, Noongar Aboriginal people of the Mineng group lived by Albany's sheltered waters. Much of their story is lost in time but Noongar people play an increasingly prominent role in Albany today.

Your Community

The City of Albany Community Development Strategy is based on facilitating and building the capacity, networks and participation of both groups and individuals.

The strategy has several guiding principles:

  • Enhance community members' understanding and skills in relation to community development;
  • Develop community leaders;
  • Assist community groups and individuals to access information and resources;
  • Promote community development and training opportunities; and
  • Foster community networks.