Business Summary
AKS Forest Solutions is certified to the Australian Forestry Standard as a forest manager and broker.
About Us

AKS Forest Solutions was commenced in 2007 by well-known Tasmanian forest manager Tony Stonjek. Tony has a lifetime of experience in the Tasmanian forestry sector and is a second generation forester.

Tony was introduced to the bush by his late father, also Tony, the Senior Management Forester in Scottsdale, who used to carry the ‘young Tony’ in his rucksack through the rugged terrain of the north east forests. So began a lifelong love of the bush.

From his early start as a schoolboy, an official “Nipper” who lit the lunch fire and boiled the billy, Tony continues an extensive career in forest management. Tony has worked across the industry from the State’s Forestry Commission, now Forestry Tasmania, to industrial companies including Forest Resources and Rayonier. He has developed Evergreen Forest Services a silviculture contracting business, Forest Consultancy Services, a business mainly producing Forest Practices Plans and AKS Forest Solutions.

AKS Forest Solutions was developed to provide landowners with high quality outcomes from the forest to the mill. To maintain our level of service we engage very experienced and highly regarded administration staff, forest managers, consultants and including harvesting and transport contractors.

AKS Forest Solutions is certified to the Australian Forestry Standard, further evidence of our continual improvement.

What We Do

AKS Forest Solutions specialises in providing you with a tailor made solution to optimise the management of your forest providing sustainable environmental, social, economic and cultural outcomes.

We manage native forests and plantations across the Tasmanian landscape from small holdings to large estates and provide a complete solution from;

  • Forest practices plans
  • Contractor engagement and supervision
  • We find the best available markets
  • We use the shortest legal cartage route
  • Our forest managers are highly skilled, professional and courteous with many years’ experience