Aerotech Nt Pty Ltd

Aerotech NT’s fleet of aircraft also provides aerial agricultural services to government, Indigenous and private landholders throughout the Northern Territory.
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Aerotech NT specialises in aerial application services. We use purpose-built Air Tractor fixed-wing aircraft to deliver an accurate, professional and reliable aerial application service across the Northern Territory.

We service mining companies, pastoralists, agricultural companies, environmental and land care groups, rural property owners and the Northern Territory and Australian Governments.

Aerotech NT can help when you:

  • Need to spray, seed or fertilise large areas quickly and cost effectively
  • Want to avoid ground compaction or erosion from vehicles
  • Cannot access certain areas of your property due to rough terrain or wet conditions
  • Need immediate action to suppress bushfires


Aerotech NT offers:

  • Agricultural spraying
  • Fertiliser spreading
  • Aerial fire control
  • Baiting
  • Rehabilitation of mine sites including seeding, weed control, hydro mulching and water quality and soil quality enhancement
  • Granular herbicide application
  • Seeding

Our company operates four turbine-powered Air Tractors with a capacity of more than three tonnes to provide fast and accurate spraying services to save time and money.