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Waste Water Purification and Disposal - Millicent / South East
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What is a Biocycle?

A Biocycle is an aerobic wastewater treatment plant that purifies and recycles household wastewater. They provide genuinely environment friendly solutions to effluent and wastewater disposal in non-sewered areas.

This non-drinking water-purified and disinfected to international health and environmental standards is then recycled through automatic irrigation systems to the garden.

Aero Waste is a local business, just like yours, that employs local people. We have a strong commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Our business is based on respecting our customers and treating them as individuals.

As well as being a sales agent for Biocycle, we also provide the ongoing servicing. As service agents, we give you the assurance that you are supplying your clients with a quality product that will last many years.

What We Do
  • Aerobic Waste Water Treatment Systems
  • Purification and Recycling of Household Wastewater
  • Environment Friendly Wastewater Solutions
  • Biocycle Model 6800 including supply and delivery.
    Trade Price - N/A 
    Retail Price - $5800 + GST
  • Biocycle Model 8200 including supply and delivery.
    Trade Price - N/A 
    Retail Price - $6300 + GST
  • Riser Shaft 300mm - $500 + GST
    Trade and Retail Price 
    (no delivery charge for riser if delivered with system.)
  • Riser per extra 100mm - $100 + GST
    Trade and Retail Price