About Us

Advanced Building Certifiers, owned and operated by Anthony Hans, provides a personalised private certification service to clients building or renovating private or commercial buildings. A complete service is provided offering building approvals and professional advice concerning Councils' development requirements.

We also offer DA lodgement, building regulation consultancy, building inspections and reports, bush fire protection reports, fire safety reports and home owners warranty insurance reports.

About Us

ABC is nationally accredited by the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (Accreditation number: 6255) and by the NSW Government Building professionals Board (Accreditation number: BPB 0164)

ABC was established in 2000 with a combined staff experience of 35 years on a diverse range of project types.


ABC is a professional Building Surveying and Certification practice. Our core values of excellence, innovation, business ethics and customer service enable the practice to evolve and become diverse.

Our goals are achieved by our commitment to the whole community, environmental sustainability, continuing professional development and customer focus.

Advantages of Using ABC

Advanced Building Certifiers offers to clients a fast and personalised alternative to those seeking building approvals from a private certifier rather than through using the service offered by the local Council.

With 35 years experience we are fully conversant with the local council requirements. Anthony can be contacted directly during normal office hours for professional advice as and when needed by clients, which results in an efficient, personal and reliable service.


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What We Do

Building Surveying

ABC's major discipline is in Building Surveying and Inspections. We have a successful track record in all disciplines of Building Surveying and project types.

ABC provide a full range of Building Surveying Services, including:

  • Planning and Building Approvals
  • Pre-purchase/Pre-sale Building and Pest Inspections
  • Expert in Exempt and Complying Development Codes
  • National Construction Code/Building Code Reports
  • Fire Safety Reports – Building/Bushfire Protection
  • Critical Stage Construction Inspections
  • Home Owners Warranty Insurance Inspections
  • Swimming Pool Safety Inspections