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About Us
About Us

Adapt Training Solutions is a personal productivity training and coaching organisation. Our passion and focus is on increasing productivity in the workplace by combining proven time management principles with the smarter use of productivity technologies such as MS Outlook, Lotus Notes and handheld devices.

We believe in providing practical, hands-on training solutions that create real behavioural changes. We also believe in doing this in a cost-effective way. Our aim is to make it easy for our clients to roll our programs across their organisation. After all, everyone needs to be organised!

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On Time, in Control - Ms Outlook

Productive - Leadership

Executive - Coaching

Key Note - Speeches

Customer Testimonials

Wendy Keith, Senior Manager, DET

I would recommend anyone seeking to improve their own personal productivity or, on a broader scale, their organisations productivity to attend this workshop. There is no doubt this has added value to my team and provided guidance in a skill set that if all too often assumed.

Michael Rose, Managing Partner, Allens Arthur Robinson

Thank you so much for your inspirational and thought-provoking speech to our CEO audience. Everyone walked away inspired and determined to put your incredible ideas into practice and thus become more productive and more effective.

Why Choose Us?

Adapt training and coaching programs increase productivity by changing behaviours and habits. In just a short time you will feel more organised, more focused and less stressed.