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ACE Couriers are committed to customer service and competitive pricing. We are a privately owned transport provider and have a huge variety of transport solutions, from parcels and couriers to taxi trucks and home delivery.

We have operated continuously under the same ownership since 1988 and have the experience and know-how to supply you with exactly the service you need.

Our speciality is integrating with our clients. That allows us to deliver hassle-free transport options that not only save you time but money.

Who We Are

ACE Logistics Solutions is a family-owned company with strong family values. ACE Logistics was established in the early 1980s and is a part of the larger Leggett Group of companies, with unique operational capabilities throughout our great nation. We have a low staff turnover and the majority of our drivers have been with the company for more than 10 years.

In essence, we are a very capable experienced team that genuinely cares about providing individual solutions to your distribution needs. From local urgent couriers to national-fleet requirements, we work with you to develop the best possible solution at the lowest possible cost.

Our Services
*It's all about the Client

Our business has changed a lot over the years but one thing has stayed the same - we've always been dedicated to customer service. Owing to this philosophy we've developed a variety of services, all aimed at giving you the flexibility and choice you need to get your products delivered. Don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find the service you need as we can tailor a solution specifically for you.

*Courier Service

Sometimes you just need delivery that's quick, tracked signed and completed. Or in other words, a traditional, straightforward courier service. Our extensive range includes many different vehicle sizes and service levels but isn't so complex you'll be struggling to figure out what to book.

How simple? Just choose any timeline, insert your vehicle option and the job is done.

*Our Service Timelines

  • Direct
  • Urgent
  • Standard

Our Fleet


Small vehicle suitable for envelopes, packages and small-parcel consignments. Maximum weight per parcel 20kg. Maximum dimension 30cm x 30cm x 30cm. Total weight per consignment <180kg.


If you need to load/unload freight with a forklift, the classic One Tonne Tray through to 14 Tonne and 16 Tonne Flat Top Trays are ideal. The One Tonne Tray is a core component of our fleet and service offering, capable of handling up to 6.0m lengths of timber, pipe or board with our Triple Rack-equipped trays, and is much more versatile in terms of height requirements than a van.

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Job Opportunities

*Independent Contractors

We're always on the lookout for new drivers to join our ACE Couriers fleet. If you reckon you stack up to the criteria below, contact us on 1300 132 974 or email

You Will Need:

  • Active ABN (GST registration optional).
  • Current Australian driver's license (WA preferred).
  • Working knowledge of Perth metro area.
  • Permanent Australian residency.
  • Your own vehicle (late-model, white, one-tonne vans and trays preferred).

*Sales and Account Management

We're looking for individuals who are motivated to work as a part of a team and can deliver on what they promise. Reckon you have what it takes to join us and add value to our organisation? Then we want to hear from you. Email a copy of your resume to and tell us exactly why we should be taking you on.