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Are your depressed centre flexible grinding discs iron free?
Our depressed centre flexible grinding discs contain less than 0.15% fe203 iron oxide). They are free of FE iron.
How do I measure the size of a sanding belt ?
The width of the belt x the total circumference of the belt. (You can measure this by laying the belt flat and measuring it then multiply x 2).
Is Revcut suitable for timber or predominantly for auto use ?
Revcut is suitable all types of materials and coatings e.g painted and unpainted steel, timber, fibreglass, aluminium and stainless steel etc.
Is your sandpaper iron free ?
All our coated abrasives are iron free.
What dust mask protection do I use for spraying two pack paints ?
Use a powered air supply mask.
What is the difference between P1, P2 and P3 respirators ?
This refers to the filtering efficiency a respirator. P1 - for use against mechanically generated particles, P2 - for use against mechanically & thermally generated particles and P3 - for use against all particles including highly toxic. P1 stops 80% of particles, P2 stops 94% and P3 stops 99.95%.
What do the letters on my filter cartridges mean (e.g. A1B1E1) ?
These letters and numbers refer to the filter type and class : A - organics (solvents). B - inorganics & acid gases (chlorines ect). E - SO2 and other acid gases. G - agricultural chemicals (low vapour pressure). K - ammonia. Hg - Mercury. 1 - low to medium absorption capacity. 2 - medium absorption capacity. 3 - high absorption capacity. If you're unsure which filter is right for you, contact customer service.
What is Trizact ?
Trizact is a new technology in abrasives delivering consistent quality, performance and finish. The secret is in micro-replication. Three-dimensional abrasive structures, identical in size and uniformly distributed over the surface ensure consistency and eliminate belt-to-belt variation. Trizact performs extremely well for the stainless steel industry.
When will my order for non-standard belts be ready ?
ETA Days for W.A. : approx 2 - 3 days. For all other states 5 - 7 days
What size belts do Abrasiflex manufacture ?
Abrasiflex can make or source any size sanding belt in any grit with a variety of backings.



About Us

Abrasiflex specialises in the wholesale, retail, distribution and sale of a comprehensive range of industrial abrasives which include both bonded and coated products. We are well represented through our extensive operating network throughout Australia and South-East Asia to offer an 'off the shelf' delivery of our complete range of industrial abrasives.

Being the industry leading specialists, we employ respected technical and practical people who are committed and available to recommend applications along with assistance relating to operational issues.

Product Range
  • bonded abrasives
  • coated abrasives
  • safety products
  • 3m products
  • DEB skincare