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Aboriginal Family Support Services acknowledges the diversity of Aboriginal communities and ensures that all services are innovative, creative & healing-based.
About Us

Aboriginal Family Support Services Inc. (AFSS) has been serving South Australian Aboriginal communities for more than 36 years. AFSS was established in 1978 as the SA Aboriginal Child Care Agency Forum Inc. (ACCA), becoming Aboriginal Family Support Services (AFSS) in 1988 to reflect the broader range of family based programs offered by AFSS. 

Our key role has always been to ensure that Aboriginal communities and organisations are involved in matters relating to child protection. Before 1978, Aboriginal children were often removed from their families and communities without the consent of, or consultation with, birth or extended family members. 

As an Aboriginal community based and community controlled organisation, ACCA’s key role was to redress these injustices and to provide support, assistance and advocacy to Aboriginal children, youth and their families. 

In 1993, with the passing of the Children's Protection Act in the South Australian Parliament, legislation required that whenever Families SA should become involved with Aboriginal child placement issues, they consult a recognised Aboriginal organisation (commonly known as a Gazetted organisation) before any decisions or Orders are made in relation to Aboriginal children. 

AFSS is a Gazetted organisation and undertakes the vital role in ensuring that the importance of culture, country and connection for all Aboriginal people is adhered to in relation to child welfare and protection, as mandated in the Aboriginal Child Placement Principle.