ABC Turf Supplies

Making Australia Greener One Roll at a Time…
Business Summary
ABC Turf Supplies will do all they can to help you get the right turf for your situation whether it be your front or back yard, shady or full sun area, low or high wear, ornamental or family use. "Getting the right advice will provide the right turf for years to come." Our range consists of Soft Leaf Buffalos, Couches & Kikuyu. We also have a license to grow the FIRST Australian native turf, "Nara." Zoysia Macrantha 'MAC03' PBR. 'Australia's Most Beautiful Lawn.' Their other top quality grasses include which are all evergreen, low maintenance, shade tolerant and grow in full sun as well. The Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo is very good for shady areas and can grow in full sun as well. ABC Turf Supplies have a range of Couches as well, Santa Anna Couch, Wintergreen Couch and Greenlees Park Couch for a lovely manicured look or a low maintenance lawn. The choice is yours.
About Us

ABC Turf Supplies is a family owned and Australian operated business, and because of this they know and serve their customers with personal care and provide excellent service and top quality turf.

The Sultana family started ABC Turf Supplies in 1988 in the Hawkesbury region, John & Joyce, its founders, have a lifetime of experience in farming, both coming from a background of generations of successful farmers. Now their sons are also actively involved in the family business, carrying on the same family tradition of high quality turf services and turf growing.

The farm is located at Freeman’s Reach in the Hawkesbury region, and from there serves hundreds of very satisfied customers all over Sydney and beyond to many parts of NSW.

Whether your turf needs are big or small, near or far, you as ABC Turf’s customer will receive the same high quality of service and turf that has made their business highly competitive and successful in the production and sale of quality turf for homes and businesses, and all other landscaping needs. Professional landscapers, homeowners and many others are among their large and expanding customer base, all finding that ABC Turf Supplies is the best choice for excellent turf at very competitive pricing.

Quality, value for money, good customer service, sound professional advice, and honest dealings… that’s ABC Turf.