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Seeing Youth in a Different Light
Also known as
  • Youth Support & Advocacy Service
Business Summary
A community where all young people are valued, included and have every opportunity to thrive.
About Us

Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS) is a leading youth health not-for-profit agency that enables highly vulnerable and high-risk young people with substance dependence and misuse issues, mental illness and social disconnection to take control of their health and wellbeing.

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Services We Offer

Everyone who works at, or with, YSAS, aims to engage, support and strengthen highly vulnerable and high-risk young Victorians affected by, or at risk of being affected by, alcohol, drugs, mental health issues and social disconnection.

We do this by developing non-judgemental, caring and respectful relationships with young people and their families and communities. With more than 200 skilled staff, YSAS provides a range of integrated services across 12 sites in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

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Where can I get Mental Health support?
Mental health issues for young people are really common. You can get support and advice from a few different organisations.
Where can I get food?
Being hungry can make everything else harder. If you are having trouble finding food, there are places you can go to that provide free or really cheap meals.
Where can I get Drug + Alcohol Support
There are many places that can provide Drug + Alcohol Support for young people. You can call YoDAA to work out what the best service is for your needs. 1800 458 685 You can also check out the Drug + Alcohol support page for others who can help.
What are the 24 HR Phone Lines?
YoDAA line 1800 458 685 is available 24hrs to provide free and confidential advice about drugs and alcohol.
Am I alone?
Many young people have a tough time with drugs and alcohol. YSAS alone works with over 2000 young people in Victoria every year who are faced with various challenges like drug and alcohol use, mental illness, family problems and social disconnection. Don’t feel weird about asking for help. You can check out other people's stories here or give us a call on the YSAS line for a chat 1800 014 446
Do YSAS services cost money?
YSAS Youth Programs and Services are fully funded through the Victorian government, through fundraising and donations. They are free for young people between the ages of 12-21.