About Us
Welcome to Yarra Community Housing
Our Vision:

Our vision is for a world where every person has access to a safe and affordable home; a world where human rights are upheld; all people are welcomed & diversity is celebrated; a world where every person has real opportunity to live out their hopes and dreams- regardless of income and disability;

a world where the focus of society and governments is on the health and happiness of the whole person; a sustainable worls that can support the hopes and dream of future generations.

Our Contribution to this Vision
What we will do
  • Provide innovative services for people who have experienced homelessness and flexible pathways into homes and communities.

  • Develop and manage an increasing supply of housing that is affordable, sustainable and safe; that is well designed and maintained and meets the changing needs of a diverse community.

  • Create opportunities for the people who live in our housing to participate in decision making, develop confidence and skills and contribute meaningfully to their community.

  • Work in partnerships with others to change community attitudes and government policy and ensure that access to good quality and affordable housing is upheld as a basic human right.

Housing Services
Transitional Housing

Transitional housing operates on short to medium-term tenancies, usually for a minimum period of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months for adults, and up to 18 months for youth.

YCH manages approximately 320 properties for crisis and transitional accommodation, and over 800 tenancies each year. A mix of units and houses are provided for young people, single people, couples and families.

The aim of transitional housing is to provide safe and affordable accommodation combined with support from nominating agencies to assist people to begin to address any issues that may have contributed to their situation; and work towards re-establishing secure housing as soon as possible.

Our Approach to Providing Affordable Housing

YCH is committed to developing and managing housing that is well designed, affordable, accessible and secure.

By "well designed" we mean housing not only meeting a high standard of physical design but also meeting the specific physical and social needs of the people who live there.

Along with the rest of the world, YCH has become much more focused on environmentally sustainable design.

By "affordable" we mean that people have enough income after paying rent to live a dignified life and participate in their community.

By "accessible" we mean that those people with the highest level of housing needs are not excluded. By "secure" we mean that people are able to live safely in our housing for as long as they want - rather than for a limited period of time.

Homelessness Services

The YCH-MetroWest Initial Assessment and Planning (IAP) service is one of the Western metropolitan region's main response services to people who are homeless or in housing crisis. The services are part of the Transitional Housing Management (THM) program funded by the Office of Housing (DHS).

The IAP team provides

  • Assessment of housing and support needs
  • Referral to crisis or longer term accommodation
  • Housing-related information
  • Limited financial assistance for housing

The IAP team can provide advice on:

  • Housing options in the Western metro region
  • Applying for private rental
  • Applying for public housing
  • Supported accommodation
  • Support services
  • Access to transitional housing
  • Office of Housing bond loans