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We are Pitjantjatjara Anangu. Our families descend from the desert people in the north and north-west.

The Great Rainbow Serpent Wanampi shaped the landscape from the red spinifex country in the north to the Head of Bight creating rolling hills, caves and lakes in his journey toward the ocean.In 1996, the Yalata Reserve was proclaimed an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA)

being an area of distinct character having significant ecological and cultural value. The reserve holds the largest expanse of untouched coastal mallee in the south hemisphere. Under agreements between Commonwealth and State Government agencies, Yalata Community Incorporated (YCI) is committed to conserving the unique coastal and inland landscapes on the Yalata IPA.

Our Culture

Human history

Anangu people of Western desert language groups (Pitjantjatjara / Yankunytjatjara) are the traditional owners of the coastal lands, undulating plains and the deserts regions surrounding the Nullarbor. Wirangu occupied the land east of the Head of Bight and the Mirning clans occupied the coast west to Eucla. Kokata, Antakarinja and Ngalea occupied lands to the north and north-east.

Radiocarbon dating of cooking hearths and stone implements provides evidence for human settlement on the Nullarbor Plains 40,000 years ago. Allen's cave located on the western plains is the oldest archaeological site in arid Australia. There are 60 known archaeological sites on the Nullarbor revealing hand prints, paintings and flint tools.

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Our Community

Here you can read the Community members' stories. Don't forget to click on the links to the photo gallery and more stories.

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All of the Yalata Community members who have participated in the website training, and the Yalata staff, would like to thank the ladies from Scotdesco for all their support and help with getting our website going.

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For more information about services and programmes provided by Tullawon Health

  • Essential Services

Contact - Danny Shorthouse

Location Yalata Plant Station

  • Maintenance

Location Yalata Community CDEP Office

Tel 08 8625 6341, Fax 08 8625 6357

  • Municipal Services

Location Yalata Community Office

Tel 08 8625 6040, Fax 08 8625 6030,

Mobile 0428256043

Contact Danny Shorthouse

email opsmanager.yalata@bigpond.com

  • Activities

- Grading of roads

- Removal of "hard" rubbish from town

- Weekly refuse tip tidy

- Reporting machinery repairs needed

  • Store

Contact Outback Stores

Location Yalata Community

Tel 08 8625 6989, Fax 08 8625 6340

  • Land Management Program

Contact Alessandro Madonna

Location Yalata Roadhouse

  • Women's Group

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  • Yalata Anangu School

Contact: Principal Roxanne Ware

Location: Yalata, SA

Address: PMB 22, Ceduna, SA 5690

Tel: 08 8625 6280

Email: info@yalataab.sa.edu.au

Opened 1957 - Students 64

School Photo Gallery - Click Here

  • Students and their welfare
  • Health Care Programs
  • Special programs
  • Core Business
  • School Vision Statement
  • School Priorities
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Assessment in English and Math
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Attendance and Participation of all students and retention of senior secondary students
  • Pitjantjatjara Language and Cultural Studies Program

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