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If you are going fishing soon, then chances are that there will be something missing from your tackle box or rig to give you the best chance of coming home with the big catch. To avoid coming home with the story about "the one that got away", make sure you have the finest selection of gear from the Wilson range of products.

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About Us

L. Wilson and Co. remain 100% Australian owned and they are extremely proud of this fact.

Their Tingalpa warehouse was designed specifically with expansion in mind. Factors in the design include a large product showroom, spacious office areas, a rod building area, and an engineering workshop with computerised CNC machinery that makes many different items.

The company continues to expand, adding new models to the rod range to complement its current offering. Product development takes into account all of the important people, such as the end customer, the retailer and L.Wilson's own loyal staff. Working closely with Kilwell (rod blank manufacturers) from New Zealand, Wilson's have developed the successful Live Fibre range of rods.

Why Us?

Wilson also have a very close relationship with SureCatch, an international company, which allowed both companies to grow and develop with each other's aid. This strong alliance is evident today in the broad range of SureCatch product that Wilson's sell in Australia.

Currently Wilson's is the agent for Mustad hooks. Wilson also distributes products from FoodSource, Mason, Goodsport and Prawnstar.

Starting as a metal component manufacturer has allowed Wilson's to continue to produce their own range of gaffs, landing nets, bait pumps, lures, rod holders and more. This inhouse manufacturing ensures that the Wilson metal products are of the best quality, and the company's quality control is second to none.

Our History

Established in 1946 by Les Wilson, L. Wilson and Co. started as a small manufacturing business that turned out swivels on the kitchen table of the family home. Recognising a need for rod building components and being a fitter and turner by trade, Les began production of ferrules, screw winch fittings and guides for Butterworth rods.

During this period, between the late '50s and the late '60s, L. Wilson & Co. were the largest manufacturer of rod building components in Australia & where one of Australia's largest buyers of brass tubing. It was also during this period that Les developed the much-copied rolled ferrule, a ferrule design that had a rolled lip to allow easier insertion of the male portion of the ferrule. Read more