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About Us
About Us

The Wilson Eye Centre in Hervey Bay, Queensland, is staffed by qualified and friendly people. Dr Thomas Eshun-Wilson has many years of experience working with eye diseases like cataracts and glaucoma, which can rob you of your eyesight if they are not caught early and treated appropriately. We have a comfortable atmosphere in our Centre.

We put a high priority on patient education, and on this website, you can read the basics of vision at How the Eyes Work. You can also go to Patient Education and follow the link to our Animated Eye Library. In that graphic menu, click on any item that interests you and you will get a list of short animations explaining different aspects of it. They all have a voiceover commentary.

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Cataract Surgery

Cataracts start small and get bigger, like a hole in your sock. At first you notice nothing different but after a few years, they become big enough to slightly dim your eyesight. At some point they interfere unacceptably with daily activities & then it is to get treated.

The contents of the lens are removed from the inside of the capsular bag and replaced with an Intraocular Lens (IOL).

While this might sound like rather drastic action, cataract surgery is a relatively quick and simple procedure, performed as a day surgery case. Dr Thomas Eshun-Wilson has extensive experience with cataract surgery (having personally performed over 5000 cases) and so will ensure that you will be safe and comfortable during your procedure.

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Macular Degeneration Treatment

There is no cure for Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) but it can be slowed down if caught early. That means you need to come for a eye examination at least once a year so Dr Thomas Eshun-Wilson can stay current on how your eyes are doing & provide you with treatment options in a timely fashion. Please see our page on Macular Degeneration for information on this sight-threatening condition.

  • Two Medications For Wet AMD
  • Treatments For Dry AMD
  • Monitoring Your Own Vision

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How Eyes Work

The eyes are two little miracles we carry around with us, mostly taking them for granted. They are complex in their details but how they work is basically simple. They work like a traditional camera. Please see our Patient Education page for a link to the Animated Eye Library.

In that library, you can see an animation of how the eyes work and also of most of the eye conditions treated by Dr Thomas Eshun-Wilson.

  • Normal Eyesight
  • Vision Defects
  • The Eye's Fluids

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Why Choose Us

When you choose the Wilson Eye Centre, you will be in safe hands and will be able to count on receiving excellent eye care. Dr Thomas Eshun-Wilson is highly qualified and experienced in treating all the eye diseases that occur as we age.

  • Protect Your Eyes From Glaucoma
  • Free Yourself of Cataracts
  • Have Good Diabetes Monitoring
  • Delay AMD Damage

At the Wilson Eye Centre, you are the focus. You are the reason we are here, and we would like to get to know you and see how we might be able to help you with eye problems. Our clinic is very comfortable and easy to find - please see the Location and Maps page for details - and our team is friendly and understanding.

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